Our Adsversus Solutions for you, Agencies

►  We link your Google Merchant Center to our Comparison Shopping Service platform.

►  We create a new Google Ads account and manage the CSS shopping campaigns settings.

►  Thanks to your feed, we publish your products on our CSS.

►  Your ads appear in Google Shopping search results.

►  From now on the mention “By Google” will be replaced “By Adsversus”.

►  Your new account is credited with 20% of your investments. Discount on CPC allocated to certified Google Partners CSS such as Adsversus.

►  Improve your shopping performance while increasing your voice share.

►  By using a different CSS than Google Shopping, you also benefit from up to 30% retro-commission on your expenses per 30-day period for a 32k credit limit. 

1. Association

Association of the Merchant Center account of the customer to our Comparison shopping merchant center.

2. Products publishing

Publication of products on our Adsversus.com comparator.

3. Synchronization

Use of the Google API to retrieve the customer’s catalog on a daily basis..

4. Link to Google Ads account

Link of the merchant center account to the new Google Ads account.

For more information about our CSS offer, please contact us.